Zit Zappers: Worthy or Worthless?

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Acne treatments have gone high tech. It wasn't that long ago that a major breakthrough in breakout treatments hit the shelves. We're talking about the handy devices affectionately known as zit zappers. These high-tech acne treatment devices gained popularity as the end all, be all for people who needed fast results for fighting acne. While they weren't necessarily the answer for major pimple problems, they earned a reputation for being effective in dealing with those one-off blemishes that strike at the most inconvenient times. One of the first gadgets on the market was the Zeno Pro, which retails for about $159.00. Since then, other companies have released their own version of the contraption, including ThermaClear. A thermal-based blemish device, it works by using low level heat to kill acne bacteria, reduce the production of sebum and suppress the anti-inflammatory skin processes. These battery-operated gadgets rely on a flashing blue light with heat to attack the sore spots. The devices typically work on blemishes that are under the skin or on the surface. Here's how they operate.