The Secret to a Wrinkle-Free Face

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You've got a few wrinkles you'd like to iron out... and almost all of them are on your face. As we age, it seems more and more wrinkles find their way onto our otherwise flawless faces. Although we can't stop the hands of time, we can prevent the toll it takes on our mugs. It goes without saying that the leading cause of wrinkles is the sun. Spend enough time in the great outdoors without wearing protection and you'll end up looking like a raisin in the sun. You may pride yourself in being a sun goddess now, but not so much when you're looking beyond your years down the road. There are plenty of ways to dodge the ultraviolet rays bullet. Before you even start your day, apply a layer of sunscreen from head to toe. The product should have a sun-protective factor, or SPF, of 15 at minimum. The higher the SPF, the better. When you do go out in the sun, always wear sunglasses. This will prevent you from squinting which can cause wrinkles around the eyes. Besides the sun, smoking is public enemy number one.