The Best Ways to Get Free Samples

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Who says nothing in life is free? If you're a woman, you realize the value of samples when it comes to cosmetics, beauty products, perfume and other freebies. In addition to the fact that you're getting goods for free, another perk is that you can also use these sample size (shampoos, toothpaste, perfumes, lotions, etc.) when traveling. Samples or testers give you the opportunity to do a "taste test" without having to pay full price. When you purchase beauty products at the local department store, always ask the store employee if there are any samples she can give you to keep in mind for future purchases. With retailers such as Sephora, consumers can select three free samples of their choice with every order. From tan towels to perfecting cover foundation, the possibilities are endless. Another option when shopping is to purchase items that come with a free gift. In many cases, you can end up with a new lipstick, bottle of body lotion or an attractive cosmetics case.