Stars Who Need Beauty Insurance!

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Celebrities make a living on their appearance, and some stars really go out on a limb to keep up those appearances. So much so that many have insured their limbs...and other parts. Whether a star is best known for flaunting certain assets or she is a "total package," there are certain celebs who will be paid exorbitant sums if those parts suddenly go out of commission. Especially if said parts are part of an endorsement deal, a la the hirsute football player, Troy Polamalu, whose long locks were insured by Head & Shoulders shampoo for $1 million. So even if the barber takes a little more off the sides than need be, Polamalu will reap the benefits. America Ferrera's smile is far from ugly - Aquafresh Whitetrays recently insured the Ugly Betty actress's chompers for a whopping $10 million, making it one of Lloyd's of London's most-valued policies. Many leggy actresses and models - and some guys who need their kicks - have their legs insured.