Simple Lint Removal in a Pinch

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It seems like lint makes its mark at the most inopportune times. It goes without saying that having a lint remover or lint brush on hand is probably the most effective way for removing unwanted hair, dirt or fuzz from clothes. Some people even invest in an electric lint remover, which looks like a small vacuum. The electric lint remover pulls up the lint and catches it in a compartment. But what about the times when you aren't equipped with these convenient tools? There are ways to combat these culprits on the fly. Spread the garment out on a flat surface. Use masking or cellophane tape wrapped around the fingers sticky side out. Tap the clothing with the tape to remove lint. When the tape becomes filled, replace with a fresh piece of tape. Sticky labels or name tags can also do the trick when you're looking for a quick fix. Lint balls can be even more of a pain. If tape doesn't do the trick, gently roll a pumice stone over the article of clothing. This should remove the lint balls. Another trick of the trade is to fill a spray bottle with water. Mist the article of clothing so that it's damp, then use a clean washcloth to remove the lint. Should those lint balls still stick around, remove lint balls using tweezers or your hand as a last result. Some people also swear by using a wet washcloth to remove dust, lint and other blemishes from clothing. If you're not up for dealing with lint, there are steps you can take to prevent an onslaught. Always clean out the lint catcher before drying another batch of clothing. When removing clothing from the washing machine, shake clothes out. Prior to loading the washing machine, clean out pockets to weed out tissues, napkins and other paper products that result in lint balls. Also, wash clothing with light colors and separate lights from darks.