Primer Time for a New Cosmetic?

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Foundation isn't the starting point of your make-up routine after all. It's actually primer. Not sure what the point is? Primer makes your face last a little longer while also giving skin a flawless appearance. Before most women lay the foundation of their lovely look, they usually apply moisturizer. The missing link is actually the primer, which should begin the application process. Once moisturizer is applied, primer is used to place a barrier between the skin and the foundation. This prevents pores from breathing and consuming makeup. In other words, primer is going to help your makeup stay in place for far longer. With primer, you'll get more coverage, along with a smoother, sleeker look. Scars, fine lines and other blemishes are diminished with a coat of primer. Your pores will also look much smaller when you apply a primer. Usually available in a gel or liquid, primers often consist of silicones, polymers and waxes.