Pamper Tired Feet

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Being on your feet all day, whether at work, exercising or shopping, can sap a lot of your energy. Your feet do a lot of work carrying around your body, so why not give them a treat when you've demanded a lot out of them? Think about how you're going to care for them, even before you begin your long day. It might be worth investing in orthotics to support them. If you have arches that are high or simply need support, then there are products that help with that. If your feet tend to slip around in your shoes, then gel inserts might give you some traction. For blister-prone feet, Dr. Scholl's makes a Rub Relief Stick, which reduces friction and blisters. When you wear heels or other shoes that push your feet to the tops of your shoes, then you may need gel cushioning for the balls of your feet. Clip toenails to prevent pressure and pain against the inside of your shoes. Now that your feet are prepared, go out and do what you need to do, paying close attention to your posture and your gait. Avoid shuffling, stomping and other unhealthy ways of stepping. When you get home, it's time to pamper those poor dogs. Start by elevating swollen feet.