New Nail Polish Looks

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And forget about all those ladylike rose colors and conventional pinks that your mom would prefer you wear. This season's colors are, well, colorful. Blues and purples, particularly lavender shades, are perfect for fingers and toes. The nautical trend in clothing continues right to the fingertips with China Glaze's new collection, Anchors Away, which features seaworthy brights and sandy neutrals, another hot trend seen on many runways during Fashion Week. There's a beautiful blue called First Mate, which is somewhere between navy and royal blue, plus Starboard, a bright green. Life Preserver is a coral orange, which mixes the hottest clothing colors of the season, and there's a classic red, Hey Sailor. Other than the glossy neutrals seen on runways, the colors are bright and noticeable. Have fun with the latest trends. After all, if you don't like your nail hue, then you can take it off and start fresh with a color you truly love!