Men's Skincare Concerns

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Men typically spend less time taking care of their skin than women, yet they tend to spend more time outdoors. Skin gets windblown, sunburned and abused in general, then it's also subjected to the irritation of shaving. Men even have a higher rate of melanoma, the most lethal form of skin cancer, than women. And if "looking distinguished" as they age means having wrinkles and sun spots, then most men would say no, thanks. So what can guys do to get their skin in shape? First, it starts with cleansing - and not with the same bar of harsh soap that guys use to clean their bodies. Soap will strip skin of natural oils, and this causes glands to overreact and produce more oils. An oil-free foaming cleanser is great for oily skin, and blemishes can be spot-treated following cleansing. Avoid cleansers with acne medications in them; they tend to be more expensive and are largely ineffective due to the brief time it's on the face, then washed off. Benzoyl peroxide-based cleansers are especially drying.