Makeup Brushes: Smooth Operators

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There's something to be said about using your fingers to get precise application when you're putting your makeup on. But if you're ready to move on to a more professional way to apply, wipe that stuff off your fingers and ditch those teeny little brushes and sponges that come with the makeup you buy. While there's nothing really wrong with them, those sponges and brushes aren't precise enough and/or don't cover enough area on your face to be accurate. Many women don't invest in brushes, choosing instead to buy so many products that it crowds the makeup drawer. However, if you know how to apply a few strategic products, then you can get rid of the rest of the junk. There are five essential brushes that you need to apply makeup: foundation/concealer brush, blush brush, powder or kabuki brush, lip brush and eyeshadow brush.