How to Apply and Take Off Fake Nails Yourself

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There's nothing like acrylic nails if you want a professional-looking manicure. But it can be pricey to get those salon results, let alone the maintenance and fills you'll need to keep your nails looking good. If you want to get acrylic nails, then why not give it a try yourself at home? You'll need a few supplies to get started, but once you have everything, you won't have to expend any more money for fills. The basic supplies for doing your own nails can be found at the beauty supply store. Get a good quality assortment of different-sized nail tips, then find acrylic liquid and acrylic powder - find the best quality you can to prevent lifting and yellowing. A small acrylic brush will apply the mixture. As you prep your area, be sure to have plenty of cotton balls, paper towels, a filing block, nail glue, a small, shallow dish to hold the acrylic liquid, acrylic nippers (or cuticle scissors), a four-way filing block, a nail scrubbing brush, the polish and topcoat of your choice, and acetone and non-acetone remover.