Hot Mama: How to Kick Up Your Wardrobe

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It's that time of year again. Time to throw on a halfway decent-looking shirt over pajama pants and flip flops to run the kids through the carpool line, right? No one will see you from the chest up, so why should it matter? Well, maybe it doesn't. But when you wake up in the morning, you'll feel more pulled-together and productive if you go ahead and put on some comfortable but polished duds. If getting out of your jammies means simply slipping into sweats, then there are a few ways to kick up your wardrobe. And on those rare occasions when you get out of the house for girls' night, date night or a fancy party, do you have current, stylish pieces to wear? If not, then it's time for a wardrobe overhaul. Start by tossing those sweats that are stained, stretched or just look unkempt. If they don't feel great on you and you don't feel confident and pretty in them, then consider getting rid of them. If you just can't break out of the sweats habit, then try some good-fitting yoga pants.