Freshen Up Your Eye Look

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Most eyes look great when adorned with a little makeup. But for those of us who either apply eye makeup with a heavy hand or aren't sure how to apply eye makeup at all, it can be a challenge to get a pretty look. Whether it's for everyday or a special occasion, there are a lot of ways to get glam eyes without a lot of work. First, consider whether you plan to play up eyes and go for major drama. If so, then scale back the rest of your makeup. Choose a more subtle cheek and lip color. If you plan to give your eyes some neutrality with pretty pinks, beiges or other understated colors, then you can go for a dramatic lip, but never both. Consider first whether there are certain features, such as dark circles, crow's feet or small eyes, that you'd like to camouflage. Concealers are great for dark circles under the eyes, and it may take some experimentation to get the color and coverage you need. Concealers also do double duty as a primer for eyeshadow - or you can choose a primer specifically for eyelids. A great everyday look that gives eyes a finished look is easy and only requires a couple of products. Start with that concealer and primer. If you'd like a little shimmer, then choose a primer with some shine to it. Benefit's Highbeam line has some perfect hues that can be worn alone or with eyeshadow on top.