Finding Comfy Shoes

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Summer is the time for showing off your feet in the hottest shoe trends, like wedges, strappy sandals and flats. But there's nothing worse than buying a beautiful pair and hobbling within an hour of putting them on. As you're satisfying that shoe-shopping craving, check out the shoes you're considering for comfort as well as style. If you're looking at those strappy sandals, then first take a look at where the straps hit on your foot. Straps that hit below the ankle will support feet and hold them securely in the shoe. Be sure the straps are lined with leather or suede to prevent chafing, and run your finger along the inside of the strap to check for seams, hooks or other material that could cause irritation. Platform sandals and wedges are great choices that offer the look of a high heel with the stability of flats. As you shop for flats, consider a pair with a bit of a heel to take some pressure off high arches. Super-pointy flats will compress toes and cause problems like bunions and blisters - look for a more rounded toe. Hold the end of the shoe and try to twist - if it gives too much, then it may not be the sturdiest option.