Drink Up! Here's To Your Hair

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This Bud's for you... and your hair. We're about to give you a real reason to cheer. Did you realize that beer can actually bring your hair back to life? It's true. Just ask Catherine Zeta-Jones. According to thehairstyler.com, she's just one of the many celebrities who swear by the bottle for lovely locks. Beer is made from malt and hops. Hops contain proteins that repair damaged hair, revive dull hair and strengthen damaged cuticles. Beer is also rich in magnesium, biotin, vitamin B, potassium and phosphorous, all which are beneficial to hair health. It's also said to make hair appear shinier as it helps wash away residues. It doesn't matter how fine your tastes are -- even the cheapest malt liquor will do the job. Whether it's damaged by the sun, chemicals or other elements, your hair could stand a drink or two. Before you raise your cup, realize the beer is going on your hair not in your mouth. Here's how it works.