Customize Your Clothes for a New Look

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Smooth the shirt out, then cut away excess paper around the transfer. Place the transfer face down on the shirt, and press the iron with medium pressure for 30-45 seconds. Work on larger designs in sections, then allow to cool for five minutes. Peel off the decal while holding down the shirt, and wash inside out. Embellished jeans - a la the 1960s - have gotten a smart update. Craft stores carry all kinds of patches, glittery designs, gems and graphic designs for jeans. Some iron on, some require a bit of sewing and some simply stick on. Just find an old pair of jeans that need a fresh look, and get to work. You might choose to embellish pocket edges, back pocket panels or the entire outside stitching of the legs. Whatever look you like, be sure once again to wash jeans inside out - this is a good tip for any jeans you want to keep looking their best.