Cellulite Creams: Which Potions Work?

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Unsightly lumps and bumps can turn you off from wearing skirts, bathing suits, shorts and other leg-baring styles. If you think you've tried everything to rid yourself of cellulite, you might wonder if it's possible to lose those lumps for good. The answer is yes...and no. Before we launch into the wonder potions that claim to rid you of cellulite, it's important to point out the fact that no matter how slender you are, if you are genetically predisposed to have cellulite, then nothing may work to get rid of it entirely. But the good news is most anyone can reduce its appearance with diet and exercise. Cellulite is just fat, plain and simple, after all. If you're tempted to try a cream or other potion, be aware that certain ingredients work to minimize the appearance of cellulite - but there's no way these creams penetrate the skin to melt it away. Some products use caffeine to firm skin, because caffeine works to tighten blood vessels. Retinol is another ingredient that helps firm skin and restores greater circulation to the skin.