Are You Wearing Too Much Makeup?

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Many women use makeup to achieve a glamorous look, hide skin imperfections or simply to add a little color. But when does less become more? In a survey conducted by skincare company St. Ives, one in five men said his partner wore too much makeup, and 12 percent of women admitted they caked it on themselves. The biggest offenders were shellacked-on foundation and too-bright blush. Clumpy mascara, loud lipstick and bold, drawn-on brows rounded out the list. That old adage about removing the first accessory that catches your eye when turning back toward the mirror holds true for makeup as well. After you finish your face, turn away from the mirror for a few moments, and then turn back. That blush may look a little more garish, or your eyes may look too intense. You can correct your mistake, but it's best to add makeup gradually - it's easier to add a little more than take it off after the fact. If imperfections are the problem, then preventing blemishes and priming skin before you apply makeup can help reduce the tendency to over-apply.