How Much is Too Much Makeup?

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While we all share some very obvious traits (traits which are greatly appreciated by most men), no two women are really alike. There are athletes and geeks and rebels, just like there are with men. And just as some men are ultra-masculine Alpha types, some women are ultra-feminine "girlie girl" types. These are the women who care about looking pretty, and aren't afraid to put in a little (or a lot of) extra effort to achieve it.

Natural beauty is a wonderful thing -- and many women have plenty of it. But for those of us who are merely mortal, there's nothing wrong with using a splash here and a puff there to accentuate our features and display them at their best.

Unfortunately, it's all-too-easy to go too far. Just as most women wish to be naturally perfect, most men prefer women to look as natural as possible ("she shouldn't wear loads of makeup" is something you've probably seen on plenty of internet dating profiles, after all). So whether you want to look your best just for yourself or for him, you generally want to look as natural as possible. After all, have you seen a photo of Christina Aguilera lately? There's definitely such a thing as "much too much"-- even on a girl as pretty as Christina.

Fortunately, you don't have to wait for the hot guy you met on an internet dating site to tell you that you look like a clown to know you're wearing too much makeup. All you need is to take a peek at your makeup bag... and look for these five blinking neon signs that you go too far.