Flu Who? Look Well When You’re Sick

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Finally, do not share any applicators, brushes, or any other makeup appliance you use. You wouldn't shake somebody's hand after sneezing; similarly, sharing these items is a good way to pass your germs to somebody else.


This almost goes without saying, but a good daytime cold and flu medicine can reduce your sniffling, sneezing, stuffiness, and pain. If you’re trying to not look quite so sick, daytime cold and flu medicine can help.

Of course, ask your doctor before taking any medicine. Just remember that while some medicine may make you feel better and antivirals may be prescribed to speed up recovery in severe cases, your doctor will probably recommend rest as a key to recovery. Your body wants rest, so get some!


For all these tips and tricks, one of the best ways to improve your appearance while sick is: don’t be sick!  Let us stress again how important it is to get proper rest when you’re ill. We all get sick once in a while, and downtime is a recovery necessity.

A good night’s rest can help your body recover, and a faster recovery means a faster return to your normal, active lifestyle. While the right makeup and clothing choices, coupled with a nice hot bath or shower, can make getting through your day bearable, you’ll be in much better shape, and be much better looking, once you’re properly back on your feet.