Flu Who? Look Well When You’re Sick

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Getting all dressed up is a hassle, but if you’re going out, you’re going to be seen, and being seen in frumpy hausfrau garb is way worse than struggling with a sweater. Wherever you go, you’re making an impression, so make the right one: ditch the old sweatpants.

You should wear warm, comfortable, and clean clothing, and keep it clean by taking a handkerchief or a pocket pack of tissues with you. Wiping your nose on your sleeve is inexcusable for anyone over 10 years old.

Tasteful sweaters are good sick gear in the winter since they’ll keep you warm. According to information from Cardiff University in Wales, being cooler or exposed to cold weather may actually increase your likelihood of catching a cold, though they don’t know exactly why. Since you already have a cold, you may be shrugging and saying “so what?” but remember that your immune system is already working hard to fight the cold you have: don’t make it fight any harder!

Also, this isn’t the time for skin-tight jeans. Wear something a little less form-fitting so that you can move easily and (if you live in a cold climate), wear something warm underneath like thermal underwear.


You may not realize it, and there’s really no polite way to say this, but when you come down with a touch of whatever’s been going around your office, you may smell a little funky. Perhaps you neglected showering (you weren't going out, so why bother?). Maybe you're running a fever or were curled up under a warm blanket and started to sweat.