Flu Who? Look Well When You’re Sick

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Saying that the flu is inconvenient is putting it lightly, the flu is terrible!  Even if you were vaccinated against the disease in previous years, you can still get sick as the virus changes and mutates.

Worst of all, there’s no way of knowing when you’re going to get sick. You can take every precaution like washing your hands, keeping your lips to yourself, and not sharing drinks, but when it comes to illness, everybody’s number comes up sooner or later.

So if you do get sick, the best thing to do, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, is to stay at home and avoid others (that is, don’t go around giving your germs to everyone else!) except to seek medical care.

Make sure you follow your doctor's orders, too. You may be told to rest and drink plenty of fluids, and some may be prescribed antiviral drugs. We may not need antivirals for mild cases of the flu; just peace, good nutrition and bed rest.

We all know life doesn’t stop just because we’ve got a case of the sniffles, though. Check with your doctor before venturing back into the world, but the fact is that kids still have to be ferried to school, work still needs to get done, clients have to be called, and needless to say, people are going to see you.

But what they see is up to you. Are you going to stumble all over town in worn-out sweatpants and a snotty tissue glued to your hand, or are you going to go out with grace and poise? We thought so. Now get your orange juice and get in gear!