Are Eyelash Extensions for You?

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Short eyelashes are 6 to 8 mm, medium are 10 to 12 mm and long ones are 12 to 14 mm. A person needs to choose the eyelash of a particular size depending upon his or her style. Also, the thicknesses can vary and further still, one can make a choice according to the brand and material. Eyelashes made from good materials are water resistant and bathing, exercising or doing any other activity while wearing eyelashes don't affect it much. However, extensive exposure to steam or intense heat may cause the bonding agent to lose.

Overall, when applied correctly and when maintained well, these eyelashes remain attached for a period of 2 months. Meantime, touch up meetings must be arranged every 3-4 weeks.

The process varies from technician to technician. One of them involves attaching synthetic, silk or mink eyelashes to the existing individual lashes using adhesives. You ought to be fastidious when it comes to choosing a technician who will apply eyelash extensions process over your eyes, for an inexperienced person might damage even the existing beauty, not to say, the one you have expected.

Though the eyelash extensions process is so very useful, it is not for everyone. It is an expensive process, but if you have the real zeal for charming looks, it is also for you.

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