8 Hair Accessories Every Woman Should Have

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No matter how you wear your hair, there are styling and care essentials that can be a great help.

Try doubling up on these products. Keep them at home, of course, but also take some on-the-go in a beauty bag (especially at the gym). Also, your hair is your own, and only you’ll know exactly which products will work best, or what else you’ll need to perfect your look. We’ll get you started with eight essentials below - the fine-tuning is up to you!

Round Brush or Wide-Toothed Comb

Forget that iconic image you have of Marcia Brady fastidiously brushing her hair for 100 strokes each night. There is no real evidence that it will do anything except pull out your hair and damage your scalp!

Instead, a round brush is a great styling tool, especially for thin hair. A brush will help you to volumize and play up what you have. Wrap your hair in the brush as you blow-dry to add more bounce.

A wide-toothed comb is great for those with thicker hair to smooth and straighten without a morning filled with relentless tugging. CareFair.com recommends using a pick if your hair is wet.