Hot Holiday Nail Polish

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This year, it's time to be festive all the way down to your fingertips. Many brands of nail polish are introducing holiday colors that'll drive out the Grinch in anyone and beautify your hands. The colors of the season are brighter and more beautiful than a lit-up Christmas tree, and it's an economical way of jazzing up a holiday outfit - without resorting to a Christmas sweater! Sparkle, glitter and shine are standards of the season, along with warm berry colors and bold blues. OPI is celebrating the new Muppets movie with its new holiday line that includes just about every color of the rainbow...connection. Yes, the multicolored glitter polish in the collection is called Rainbow Connection. Other offerings include Getting Miss Piggy with it - a bright red glitter that's traditional and fun, and Gone Gonzo - a gorgeous sparkly turquoise.