Dressing For the Office When It's Hot

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Flip-flops, shorts, tank tops - shedding those winter layers are what summer's all about. But if you work in an office setting, it can be difficult if not impossible to adapt summery clothes into a professional look. So how does a working girl stay cool outside and look the part inside the office? Take your office's dress code into account before busting out the shorts and tube tops. You also should consider the indoor temperature - many offices like to crank the air conditioning, leaving the sleeveless or pants/pantyhose-less chilly and miserable. First, the no-nos. Most any office isn't the place for flip-flops. It's OK to expose your toes - just do it in a peep-toe, D'Orsay heel or slingback. If you have great legs that you shave regularly, then it's usually OK these days to go without hose - unless your workplace's particular dress code requires them.