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Have your coffee cake and eat it, too! This diet-friendly splurge is definitely worth a try during that midmorning break – or anytime!

Yo ho, yo ho! You don't have to be a pirate to feast on this scrumptious rum cake. This great-tasting dessert is a decadent way to satisfy for your sweet tooth without the sin.

By Jolly, your kids will love this clever cake. If you want to get creative with dessert, this is one great way to do so. Make baking and decorating this cake a family affair. No matter how you slice it, it's sure to be a hit with your kids.

The ingredients that make up this dessert are layered and topped with whipped topping and walnuts. The coffee flavoring is an added perk if you're looking for a java jolt.


'Twas the night before Christmas and all through the house was the aroma of this excellent English cake that's rich in fruits and spices. It's a slice of heaven.

Have some cream with your coffee... cake that is. This buttery cake is infused with a jolt of java. Although it requires a bit of prep work, the melt-in-your-mouth result is worth the time and effort.

When you're pressed for time and need a dessert that's a culinary dream, there are plenty of other recipes out there. But this almond cake takes time and effort to achieve the amazing results the recipe calls for. It even needs to sit overnight.


Are you up for the Pepsi challenge? Well, here it is. This cake pops...literally. The ingredients actually call for a can of your favorite cola for some great taste. Your guests will bubble over with excitement upon trying this scrumptious dessert.

You'll win any mud-slinging contest with this dessert. Chocolate, nuts and marshmallows round out this sinful sweet treat that takes the cake time and time again. Rich and rewarding is all we can say...

It's a case of almond joy with this brownie-like cake. The buttery white chocolate frosting, topped with toasted almonds, will drive anyone who gets a whiff of this cake completely nuts.

You'll never taste a carrot cake quite like this. It's moist, creamy and completely to die for. Even those people who aren't a big fan of the orange vegetables will have to agree that this is simply divine.


Skip the boxed cakes and go for the gold this time with your own homemade buttermilk cake. It's moist. It's delicious. In fact, it's so good people will be asking for the name of your "bakery."

Sponge cake has a reputation for being airy and oh-so-good. Well, this isn't your typical sponge cake as it relies on marshmallows to take the lead. You've never known a sweet treat to taste like this before.

Semi-sweet chocolate for the cake and French-vanilla chocolate for the icing! That's what makes this cake a guilty pleasure. If this doesn't satisfy your hankering for something chocolately, nothing will.

It takes 10 minutes to bake this wonderfully topped coffee cake! Although there is a fair amount of prep work to be done, this dessert is sure to be a hit for any party, special event or gathering.


We've got a recipe that takes the cake. One bite and it's sure to be the apple of your eye. Using ready-made cake mix makes this charming favorite a simple fix. We promise it's a recipe with plenty of appeal, especially for the novice baker.

Get ready to go nuts over this date cake. It's sugar-free so you don't have to worry about overindulging in the sweet stuff.

Just because you don't have marascapone cheese doesn't mean you can't enjoy the tempting thrills of Tiramisu. Enjoy this healthier version.


Cupcakes have never been more popular -- and this recipe is no exception. Sink your teeth into these chocolate cupcakes that are a deviation from the norm. They're infused with sour cream for an extra kick. Dive in! 


Do you have a hard time choosing between pudding and cupcakes? Then don't. Enjoy the best of both worlds with this popular British dessert that melds together two sweet treats for the price of one. It's one dessert that definitely takes the cakes.

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