Beck Diet Solution

ImageWant to hear what is keeping you from losing weight?

It is all in your mind. So says Dr. Judith Beck, one of the top experts in cognitive therapy. Forget everything you have come to believe about dieting. Dr. Beck says the secret to getting thin and staying there is built on a psychological foundation. The trick is to train your brain to think like a thin person, according to the Beck Diet Solution.

Beck's 6-week solution will help you avoid cheating, deal with hunger, cope with stress and negative emotions without eating too much, get motivated to exercise and eliminate overeating, bingeing and resorting to old habits that often die hard.

Through an arsenal of psychological resources that include hunger monitoring scales, daily planning schedules, weight-loss graphs and motivational cards, you will learn how to make it through thick and thin without expanding your waistline.

Beck is a proponent of Cognitive Therapy, a technique that can help dieters recognize and change those sabotaging thoughts and behaviors that have packed on the pounds. For more than 20 years, Beck has used Cognitive Therapy as an instrument for helping patients fight the fat.

ImageWith the Beck Diet Solution, dieters can decide on whatever nutritional approach they would like and still use the Beck Diet Solution in tandem. She does recommend that dieters choose a plan that is well-balanced and nutritionally sound.

However, the Beck Diet Solution is not going to tell you what you should and should not eat. It is going to teach you to stick with the plan, whatever plan that may be.

Here are some of the main accomplishments that dieters are able to achieve with the help of the Beck Diet Solution.
-- learning to eat sensibly without skipping meals.
-- seeing that cravings do not have to be subdued by eating.
-- getting back on plan following any slips.
-- dealing with sabotaging thoughts that lead to
-- putting individual needs first and resisting food pushers.
-- realizing that they are now armed with the tools to stay healthy for life.

The program offers 42 tasks and skills to be used one day for six weeks. She also includes a slew of exercises meant to enable the dieter to boost their resolve and push the sabotage-squashing agenda.