Web Tools to Keep Kids Safe Online

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Educational Programs

Parents who are familiar with the uses and challenges of the Internet are much better equipped to address these issues with their children.

Lots of online safety organizations offer Internet safety education for parents. These programs can be used by anyone, but are especially useful for parents who are not experienced Internet users or those who need a crash course in the favorite online youth hangouts, Internet slang and other up-to-date information.

Many of these programs are accessible online, free for use by parents and offer extensive information.

Getnetwise.org is a comprehensive site that includes articles, tips, instructional videos, a glossary and more. Parents will come away with a much better understanding of the Internet and how to keep their kids safe in the online world.

NetSmartzKidz.org is the children's page of NetSmartz.org, an organization dedicated to teaching online safety and positive online interaction. NetSmartzKidz is designed with children in mind. It features bright colors, games and videos, all of which communicate the message of Internet safety.

There is also a slightly more mature version of this site that's geared to tweens and teens and features graphics and games for that age group.

With your guidance and all these great Internet safety tools, your kids can enjoy the Internet as the enriching vehicle for learning, socializing and fun it was intended to be.