Web Tools to Keep Kids Safe Online

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Kid-friendly browsers limit where children can go online, and they also highlight positive, educational sites where kids can explore and learn.

KidZui is a kid-safe browser that can be "layered" on top of a mainstream browser. Once installed, the KidZui browser screen can't be exited without a password. The browser takes up the entire computer screen, which is an added bonus for parents of kids who like to click around and cause mischief on the computer.

Buddy Browser is a multi-faceted kid-safe browser that offers filtering of inappropriate content, safe social networking, time limits and more. The graphics on this browser are very colorful and fun, and young kids will love it.

One great feature of Buddy Browser is its ad-free function. Parents who worry about excessive consumerism, or who simply don't want their child tempted to enter personal information in exchange for products will find this feature invaluable.

Video Sites

Kids love to look at funny and cute videos on YouTube, but nearly all parents have run across items in the "related video" bar that aren't related to anything a child should see.

Totlol is an online video site that offers only child-appropriate material. It's powered by YouTube, so it has a similar look to the popular video site. The one drawback is that it's somewhat limited in its number of videos. The site also charges a $3 per month fee for membership.Kideos is a similar site that offers videos appropriate for kids. You can search videos by age category. There is a fee to use some features of this site.