Web Tools to Keep Kids Safe Online

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When the Internet first came on the scene way back when, most of us were amazed at the way the new technology would bring so many people and ideas together. We may not have considered that having the Internet in your home was a bit like having an open house party where anyone could come wandering in.

Most of us have had at least one creepy encounter online, or have stumbled upon material that was offensive or upsetting. As adults, we handle it and move on, but when we become parents we find ourselves responsible for the delicate, developing minds of children who probably spend more time online than we do.

Children have a strong Internet presence. They play games online, do research for homework and projects and interact with their friends. Individuals and companies who target children know this, and have created countless ways to get our kids' attention.

Sexual predators are the biggest worry, but they're not the only problem. Children stalk, bully and slander each other via the Internet, and companies vie for your child's loyalty and their personal household information.

Our kids grew up with Internet technology and many of them feel that they're savvy enough to deal with whatever they may find as they surf the World Wide Web. The statistics show that this isn't the case: