6 Ways to Ruin Your Children

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  1. Always Take Their Side - When a teacher or other adult reports an act of misbehavior, you don't believe them and always side with your child. While we all want to believe our kids are little angels, turning a blind eye to their transgressions or living in denial is not the answer. Some parents have the impression that their children can do no wrong and that authority figures are bullies. It's vital to emphasize the important role of teachers, police and older adults. Make your kids understand that they are not above the rules and that mistakes have repercussions.

    What to do instead: If your child's teacher or caregiver suggests a certain act of discipline, follow it as long is it is not dangerous or unreasonable. Explain to your kids why it is happening and that you still love them, but need them to do what is asked of them in order to be responsible.

  1. Fight in Front of the Kids - Calling your spouse terrible names, getting in screaming matches and threatening him or her in front of your children can have negative physiological effects. Kids who witness this may act out in fear, run away, seek dangerous coping techniques like drugs or alcohol and may think it's acceptable to treat your spouse or other people in this manner.