Vacations: A Holiday from Routine

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A portable crib or pack and play might be your best bet, especially if the child is used to sleeping in one at home. In the days leading up to your departure, put the child down for naps in the portable crib and work up to nights so that the child gets used to sleeping in it. If you will be sleeping in the same room with the child and anticipate the child crying for you, position the crib so that you're out of view by moving it to a closet and partially closing the door, blocking the child's view. When it comes to enjoying your vacation, it can be done! At naptime, plan long walks to sightsee or shop with your child in a comfortable stroller. Don't forsake restaurants - eat dinner early, and feed baby before appetizers arrive. Hopefully, baby will sleep right through the meal. And do the most exciting activities earlier in the day, so that the evening is reserved for down time and relaxation in preparation for bed. Don't give up if the first night or two are sleepless - kids will get used to their new routines, and you'll get in some enjoyment, too!