The Truth About Only Children

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Think your child will be lonely if she's an only? Think again. There are many families these days who are opting for just one child. And despite what your mom, neighbor, best friend or the random lady in the grocery store might say, you're not putting your only child at a disadvantage. As the costs of living rise - especially during the recent economic downturn - there are more only children than since the Great Depression. And while many families weigh the economic impact of having more than one, there are other parents who would like to focus on their careers while enjoying the experience of parenting. Sometimes for these families having one child is the best way to strike that balance. Money is a compelling reason for stopping at one. The majority of women polled recently for a Time magazine story about only children said they wouldn't have a baby anytime soon due to the economy. And that's not mentioning the cumulative cost of raising a child, including a college tab that can run upward of a quarter of a million dollars over four years. Research done more than 120 years ago damaged the reputation of only children in its erroneous findings that described only childhood as a "disease." The stereotype of the self-centered, overprivileged, antisocial singleton has been debunked many times since. In fact, the Time article cites a distinct lack of research to back up those bogus claims.