The Easiest, Chicest Nursing Apparel

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You're so glad to be out of maternity clothing - or at least, just about - that you didn't think about what to wear when whipping your boobs out on a regular basis. When you're nursing or pumping milk for your new baby, you might like to preserve a little modesty. Luckily, there are shirts and accessories that help nursing moms look great and make breastfeeding a breeze. Here are a few favorites. First, if you don't want to expose your postpartum middle but still need to lift your shirt, then Modest Middles ( can keep your tummy concealed. It looks like a tank top with the chest cut out of it, and best of all, it "hugs" your midsection comfortably to offer a little control under clothing. Motherwear offers cute, trendy and inexpensive clothing with strategic ways of keeping you covered while making nursing simple.