Pretty Baby: Should Your Child Model?

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If you think your kid oughta be in pictures, get in line. All moms believe their kid is the most beautiful of them all, but how do you know if yours has what it takes to make it as a child model? First, decide how far you want to take her "career." The most jobs are located in Los Angeles, New York and Miami. There are smaller, local jobs in other areas, but high-end catalogs, magazine work and film are concentrated in those areas, so if you can't travel, then it's impossible to sign on with a large agency and go to jobs on short notice. As you proceed, consider your child's temperament - not her looks. It takes stamina and patience to chase down modeling jobs. Laid-back kids who thrive in chaos are better when it comes to dropping everything to go on a go-see - basically, an interview with a company seeking models - or a photo shoot, once the job is secured. As you pursue child modeling, keep in mind that you should never be asked to fork out money for anything.