Make Losing a Winning Lesson

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There's nothing worse than a spoiled sport. While you want your child to strive to be the very best, the last thing you want is to raise a child who pitches a fit when something doesn't go his or her way, especially when it comes to team sports. The name of this game is teaching your children sportsmanship. Winning isn't everything -- and that's a lesson your son or daughter should learn at a very young age.

If you're one of those parents who always allows her children to win, stop now. You may have good intentions, but you aren't helping your son or daughter. Your child needs to learn how to handle a losing situation. He needs to be able to accept defeat and learn from it. Children should understand that losing is a part of life. Of course, the best way that your child can learn not to be a sore loser is if you lead by example. When you participate in a competition, make it a positive experience.