Make Good Food Choices Great Ones

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You try to feed your kids healthful food most of the time, but are there a few tweaks you could make to get just a little more nutrition into them? If they're already making OK choices, then it's pretty painless to sneak in few more vitamins and minerals. Here are some super substitutions. Start with drinks. Pediatricians recommend switching to cow's milk at age 1, but did you know that not all kids need all the fat in whole milk? In fact, all that saturated fat can be harmful. If your child is hitting all his developmental milestones and is at an appropriate weight, discuss drinking 2 percent with your doctor. Organic milk is a healthful switch for all kids - it keeps out harmful chemicals and growth hormones. If your kids like juice, then try switching to one of the healthier "light" versions of her favorite or simply water down the usual juice you serve. Kids just don't need the sugar and calories most juices have. Snacks are a great time to ramp up nutrition. Stop peeling your kids' fruit at snack time if possible.