Have a Fabulous, Frugal Father's Day

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With gas and food prices soaring, you've got to save a buck wherever you can. And Father's Day is no exception. While you may be inclined to go out and blow a bunch of money on the special day, it's the affordable gifts from the heart that will likely mean the most to dear old dad. Set aside some quality time to plan a proper Father's Day with your child. You'll save between three to five bucks by simply opting to do homemade cards. Gather together your markers, crayons, glitter, construction paper, scissors, and other arts and crafts supplies and help your child make a Father's Day card to remember. You can also swing by Michaels or other art supply stores and pick up a wooden picture frame. Have your child personalize and decorate the frame for the proud pop. Then pick a favorite family photo for the frame. If you're not feeling the photo frames this year, why not make Dad a fun t-shirt with your child's footprints? Purchase a plain white t-shirt, along with fabric paint and a paint brush. You'll also need a piece of cardboard and Styrofoam plates. Place the cardboard inside the shirt.