Get Your Child to Eat Those Greens

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You want to make vegetables look as edible as possible so that your children don't turn up their noses at the mere sight of greens. If you the eye-pleasing presentation doesn't work, you'll need to pull off a more stealth operation. Sneak extra veggies into soups, casseroles, dips or even muffins.

The possibilities are endless, and when vegetables are mixed in with some of your kids' favorite foods, they'll be less likely to notice their eating what's good for them. Even if you can't get your child to eat a vegetable the first, second or even third time, give it a chance. Research indicates that children usually need to be exposed to a food up to 15 times for he or she actually eats it. Whatever you do, don't overreact. Eventually it will happen. Just keep servings those greens every night.