3 Fun Hanukkah Games for Everyone

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Whether you celebrate Hanukkah or not, there are some fun ways to incorporate the holiday into your family life. So why not try giving these games a spin? Of course, no Hanukkah holiday would be complete without a game of dreidel.

In order to play, you'll need a dreidel and a bunch of chocolate-covered coins in gold foil, also known as a pot of gelt. Each player receives 10 to 15 gelt pieces. With each turn, players place one gelt in the center. Each player spins the dreidel. If it lands on Nun, it means "nothing" in Yiddish. Therefore, the player does just that. If the dreidel lands with Ganz, which means everything, face side up, the player gets the pot. If the dreidel lands on halb or "half," the spinner gets half the pot. If the dreidel lands on shin which means shtel or "put in," the player must throw a piece in the pot.