Easter Activities for Your Kids

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Searching for some great ways to entertain your kids this Easter? Well, hop to it with these innovative ideas that are sure to stimulate your young ones. What's Easter without an old-fashioned Easter egg hunt? Provide each participant with their own basket or bag. Opt for plastic eggs that you can reuse over and over. Fill eggs with trinkets, money and candy. Hide eggs in a safe area, away from roads, pools and other potential hazards. Color-code the eggs by age group so that the little ones won't get shorted. For example, assign pink and yellow eggs for your 5-year-old, and blue and red eggs for your 2-year-old. Let them know they should only "find" the corresponding colors. Once the search is over, thrill your kiddies with a game of Easter Bingo. You can use cardboard to make your own bingo cards. April, Easter or candy all make great themes.