Dos and Don'ts of Carseats and Boosters

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All moms know that the most precious cargo they shuttle around each day in the car is the kids. So keep them safe, whatever age they may be, by getting the right car seat and securing it properly. Full-term newborns can sit in rear-facing convertible or infant car seats.

You'll get more for your money if you invest in a convertible seat, because they typically exceed the weight limit of infant seats. However, they may not include that nice handle that's a godsend for parents who like to carry the child in the seat or snap it into a stroller. Have the car seat installed before your anticipated due date - that keeps your partner or family members from having to struggle with it in the hospital parking lot when it's time to take baby home. In many areas, certified Child Passenger Safety Technicians can install car seats and check to be sure they are properly installed. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration's Web site,, can help you find one in your area. As children grow, their car safety needs change.