Clothing Change: Spring Is Here!

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Check winter fleece and heavier pajamas for holes and stains, as you did for the clothing. Pack away the heavier stuff and bring out the lighter night shirts, gowns, and short-sleeved pajamas. As you hang the spring clothing, take notice of the things your child may need. Good spring staples include graphic t-shirts, jeans, capris and sundresses for girls, light cardigans or hoodies , sundresses and t-shirt dresses for girls, and cargo shorts. Outerwear and footwear for spring might include a light jacket, raincoat, rain boots, flip-flops and a sturdy pair of sneakers. As kids grow, it's likely clothing won't last more than a season or two before it's outgrown, so don't worry too much about investing in expensive clothing. Basics from Old Navy and Children's Place are items that are quality and will go the distance for a season or two. Best of all, they're inexpensive and can be found online or in stores on sale. Two-for-one specials are common, and styles can be mixed and matched in your kid's favorite combinations.