Clothing Change: Spring Is Here!

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As the weather gets warmer, you may start to think about all the household projects that need doing. One is rotating the winter clothes out of the closet and replacing them with spring clothing. But don't just take the winter stuff, throw it in a box and grab all of last year's duds to take their place. First, go through the winter clothing. Toss stained, torn or otherwise unusable clothes, or fashion them into those cleaning rags that you'll need for the rest of the house. Take the clothing that's already outgrown or will be in the fall when it's time to swap out the warm-weather clothes. Either give it to a younger sibling for hand-me-downs, donate it to Goodwill or plan a yard sale or sell it to a consignment shop to make a profit from it. Next, inventory the spring clothing that you packed away or moved to another area of the house. Go through the same process of tossing, trying on and selling. Fold winter clothing neatly and don't forget about boots and other footwear that won't be needed in the warmer months. Don't forget to take a look in the underwear and sock drawers to see if those basics need replacing, and remember the pajama drawer as well.