Car Trouble? Activities to Keep Your Kids Occupied

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"Mommy, Missy won't stop touching me." It's the incessant backseat bickering that will drive any parent to drink. So what's a mom or dad to do to put a stop the madness? For starters, if you have a minivan or any other vehicle that has three rows, put some distance between your children. That means separate, separate, separate. Out of sight will hopefully mean out of mind.

If the fighting is disruptive, pull the car over in a safe place and get out. Find a way to keep yourself busy until you get the kids' attention. Explain to them that you aren't going anywhere until the calamity ceases. It's important to lay down the law when it comes to car etiquette. Your children need to know what is acceptable and what is unacceptable. To put it in black and white, write down the rules and have a list of consequences if the rules get broken. Of course, having distractions is a good way to keeps kids occupied so they don't fight.