Spas and Kids: Not So Hot
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Hot tubs may seem like small pools that are perfectly safe for children, but that's not the case. Kids and spas, whirlpools and hot tubs don't make for a good mix. The dangers of hot tubs range from drowning to entrapment to overheating. So... Read More
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Are You Ready For Another Kid?
You've been feeling it again lately; that tug at your heart when you hold your friend's baby or walk down the infant clothing aisle at the department store. The desire for another baby is in the air,...
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Family Chores: Who Does What?
No matter how your household is run or who is working outside the home, dividing up the chores can be a way to make the running of the home fair and balanced. Today's families are made up of unique...
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Teaching Kids Sportsmanship
Let's face it; we live in a pretty competitive world. Because of that, children may not understand the importance of sportsmanship when involved in competition. Winning can easily become the sole focus...
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