Help Your Kids Earn Their Keep
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A penny for your thoughts... and a dollar for your efforts. It's the old allowance conundrum. We're talking chore charts, compensation rates and more. For an allowance novice, it can feel like a real handful. The dilemma goes beyond what to... Read More
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The 10 Best Foods for Kids
Good nutrition is important for children to develop healthy minds and bodies. Getting an early start on good nutrition is a key factor in helping children learn to enjoy the taste of foods that are good...
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10 Economical Ways to Have Fun
Just because you're trying to keep the family on a sensible budget doesn't mean you have to do without everything fun. Likewise, an economical evening with the family isn't limited to a night of shadow...
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Mistakes Giving Children Medications Are Avoidable
Parents, family, and child care professionals devote themselves to the welfare of children. Yet, even with love and devotion, 80 percent of deaths of children under five-years of age are avoidable. More...
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