Making Your Children Get Along
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In case you hadn't figured it out from your own childhood, best friends forever is just a myth. Face it -- kids fight and they don't always fight fair. At some point during their childhood, your son or daughter is going to get in an argument... Read More
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How to Discipline When Kids Are Careless
Child discipline and logical consequences demand you learn to think before you act. You take the time you need. You get your feelings under control. You come up with a simple plan. You execute that plan.
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Discipline Versus Punishment
Do you know the difference between discipline and punishment with their Latin roots? Punishment implies inflicting pain, while discipline means to teach. Parents who use punishment are missing important...
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A Parent's Guide to Early Childhood Education
More and more children under the age of six are now in school. The sweeping social, economic, and technological changes of the last decade have made school an increasingly important part of our...
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