Texting 1,2 3: What Those Abbreviations Mean
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You pride yourself in being a hip parent who knows all of the warning signs. But with ever-changing technology, it's sometimes hard to stay on top of the latest and greatest trends, especially since you're not a teenager anymore. And to say... Read More
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The Balancing Act
"The average office worker receives more than 200 messages a day via snail mail, email, express mail, cell phone, landline, wireless Web, bicycle messenger, singing telegram, you name it. Taking in...
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Medicine Cabinet Must-Haves
If you haven't taken a peek into your medicine cabinet lately, it might be time to take a look. Every home should have basic supplies to help with minor accidents or middle-of-the-night illnesses. A...
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How Much Water Should Kids Drink?
Water is essential to life. In fact, water covers 80% of the surface of our planet and over 60% of the human body consists of water. Water is essential for children and adults alike to stay healthy and...
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